• 100% USA Based
  • More time for provides
  • More time for patients
  • Over 25 years of experience

With the growing concerns of clinician burnout, we believe in giving providers every tool that that they need to care for their patients health and their own. Reducing the burden of endless EHR clicks and keystrokes, SoftScript’s USA-based traditional and speech-enhanced workflows get it right the first time, saving physicians time and saving the organization unnecessary overhead related to payer denials and downstream queries. 

Personal Staffing

Our staffing model pairs our documentation specialists directly with your providers by specialty and speech patterns.

Custom TAT

Turnaround times are established to meet the needs of your organization. We work with you to prioritize by report type and provider. We program these with buffers to ensure that what we deliver is well within our promise.

Unmatched Quality

We attack quality assurance from multiple angles by maintaining multi-level quality review before you receive the report and thorough post-delivery audits.