As a current client of SoftScript, I have been very happy with the quality of work. Anytime I have needed to work with this vendor, whether it be a new interface, or questions about our current set up, I have been very satisfied with the response. The support team is quick to respond and resolve issues quickly. The product is easy to use and our providers have shown consistent satisfaction with the service as a whole.

- Oregon Facility HIM Director

We are very happy with the turn around time your transcriptionists  provide, support services responds quickly to questions and requests, and we never seem to have to wait around for a problem to be solved. The flexibility of your staff in working with us on details like report formats, has made SoftScript a pleasure to work with.

- Washington Facility HIM Director

They have always provided outstanding service. From their well-coordinated go-live to their willingness to bend-over-backwards to meet the needs of the physicians at each of my sites, my experience with this company has been nothing but positive. I’m well pleased with the decision to use SoftScript as my transcription vendor. SoftScript has earned a reputation for reliability and flexibility that has made them my go to solution year after year.

- New Mexico Facility HIM Director

I commend your company and your staff in constantly anticipating your client needs and exceeding our expectations.

- New York Facility HIM Director

The level of professionalism, care, understanding, commitment and knowledge from all staff is beyond comparison. They have always been available to address my transcription needs and support my department.

With the implementation of SoftScript, I was able to reduce FTEs, increase our turn-around times on reports and provide a higher quality of transcribed reports to better meet legal and regulatory requirements. SoftScript was a game changer for my department, and I would recommend them to any hospital who is dedicated to quality and providing quality care to their patients.

- California, Health System Regional HIM Director

Time and again they have proven themselves to be well-tested, legitimate, and of consistently high quality. There has never been a situation where I felt as if my concerns or questions were not taken to heart or were not addressed immediately. Even at the administrative level they were happy to take any call, day or night. I know that I am just one of many customers, to hold this opinion.

- Ohio Facility HIM Director