Our Remote Scribe Assistant services facilitate point-of care documentation and enable clinicians to remain focused on the patient. Incorporating pre-charting and queries for specificity, we place hours back into the clinicians day to see more patients while reducing downstream administrative and financial recovery tasks.

In addition to reversing the negative impacts of physician burnout, our scribes  improve the capture of key clinical elements in the medical record to support the appropriate level of billing. The patient story and requested orders are then reviewed with the provider prior to authentication of the report. 


Scribe Assistant

Our base service model provides for documentation at the time of the encounter including the input of discrete data for key clinical elements in the medical record.

Front-End CDI

Our second-tier model complements the program by incorporating front-end CDI to facilitate the immediate review of clinical indicators for diagnosis, real-time queries and the capture of hierarchical specificities.

Point of Care Coding

Our third tier closes the documentation loop with point of care coding to support the appropriate level of billing and element coding responsibilities from the providers workload.