SoftScript Healthcare Staffing recruits full-time travel and local RNs, LPN/LVNs, and CNAs for skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers, private and state hospitals, long-term care, elder care, and behavioral health facilities.

SoftScript provides qualified, professional nursing staff to medical facilities through short- and long-term contracts. We support facilities by stabilizing staffing levels during periods of high demand commonly experienced all over the country due to high census, direct staff absenteeism, turnover, and locally low application return. Scheduling day by day is often counterproductive. Our services prevent burn-out of the facility’s direct staff and save your management team valuable time and resources through the provision of contract assignments, tailored to meet your facility’s unique needs.

SoftScript is made up of a comprehensive team of managers and recruiters with backgrounds in nursing, administration, marketing, and recruiting. Our company prides itself on operating under a low overhead, allowing us to be the low-cost provider while providing the highest quality personnel.

Please let us know how we can support your facility. We look forward to partnering with you.


Improve Efficiency

Improve Efficiency with your current personnel alleviating them to work in other important areas instead of time spent on recruitment, testing, running backgrounds, employment verifications, onboarding, and processing payroll.

Medical Staffing

Get Relief

Get Relief from recruitment and advertising costs and time.

We have the unique ability to be the low-cost provider while providing the highest quality personnel.

Save funds

Save Funds

Save Funds from worker’s compensation, social security, unemployment costs, etc, etc, etc.