• Solves your biggest pain points at guaranteed cost savings.
  • We’ve been doing remote labor for over 25 years.
  • Drives efficiency and reduce costs.


  • Virtual Patient Engagement that takes care of your Front-end and Back-end clerical process


  • Goodbye Administrative Burden!
  • Hello Patients!
  • Back to what you do best

Revenue Cycle Task Management

  • Denial Management
  • Case Management
  • Utilization Review
  • MDS
  • Clinical documentation integrity
  • Documentation compliance
  • Front-end speech recognition
  • Release of information
  • Remote scribe assistant
  • Transcription
  • Quality Regulatory reporting

Practice Management

  • Clinical Inbox Management
  • Contracting
  • Compliance Management
  • Insurance / Physician Credentialing
  • Information Technology
  • Prior Authorization
  • Referral Validation
  • Security Risk Analysis & HIPAA
  • Surgical Scheduling
  • Training

Virtual Patient Engagement

  • Appointment Scheduling & Reminders
  • Clinical & Demographic Intake
  • Insurance Eligibility Checks
  • Other Patient Reminders
  • Patient Check-in / Check-out
  • Patient Messaging
  • Patient Requests
  • Patient Surveys
  • Prescription Refills
  • Reception / Answering Services

Major Benefits

Remote/virtual labor for healthcare tasks:

  • Benefits physicians, administrators, hospitals, and any healthcare facility or organization.
  • Ensures experienced /trained health care staff
  • Can ramp up staffing based on customer needs
  • Implements customer specified protocols
  • Provides consistent work
  • Eliminates challenges of recruiting, retaining and managing clerical and various administrative tasks
  • Takes the redundancy of work tasks, so no issue with transitions if key employees leave your organization.
  • Can be customized a la carte – start with some tasks and increase as customers see the very significant benefits
  • Mitigates human resource liabilities
  • Provides Enterprise level IT infrastructure, security, monitoring
  • Can work with any healthcare client
  • All these benefits at less cost!

Loss of revenue is your biggest expense…

The biggest complaint of physicians and administrators nationwide is the amount of time spent on administrative and other non-patient facing tasks. These burdens reduce the number of patients scheduled per day, distract from meaningful patient encounters, and negatively impact your bottom-line.  We guarantee a significant cost savings for complete or partial function outsourcing of administrative and back-office tasks. This promise is defined and backed by the full financial health of our company. We also estimate that your conversion to seeing more patients, as a result of less administrative work, will increase your revenues by 33%. 

Safe, Hands-Free Patient Experiences

Ironically, the novel coronavirus has highlighted the need for a change which is more efficient than if the virus never existed.  We offer SAFE, hands-free workflows for patient encounters while eliminating the need for you to maintain on-site clerical and administrative staff. Our remote staff secure, practice specific platforms allow all pre-encounter questionnaires, in-take forms, and patient identifying information to be completed and uploaded virtually, or with live video assist.