SoftScript, Inc. is a 100% USA-based organization delivering clinical documentation excellence through simple, smart, and effective solutions for health care facilities and providers. Established in 1997, we built our foundation by being the first to offer word-based transcription services supporting a variety of dictation capture methods, including analog, digital, web-based, and mobile application technologies. Our electronic signature and extensive interface capabilities led the industry.


In 2018, we were among the first to offer cloud-based speech recognition technology to our customers. Requiring no IT infrastructure, our customers enjoy universal provider profiles that are compatible across all computer and EHR platforms. Our optimization services provide administrative oversight and are built to work for the provider rather than vice versa.


Today, we are excited to introduce our added services that facilitate point-of-care documentation, and efficient denial management enable clinicians to remain focused on patient care. Incorporating Cycorp AI advanced reasoning platform, we place hours back into the clinician’s day to see more patients while reducing downstream administrative and financial recovery tasks.