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Our state-of-the-art, customized solutions have the highest accuracy ratings in the industry. Our client-focused systems integrate smoothly with existing services and give you the confidence of seamless transition and intuitive operation.

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Service Promise

Service is at the core of who we are and what we do. We want SoftScript to be the invisible partner that works behind the scenes to make your life easier. All our services and technical capabilities have been developed to allow us to better serve our customers unique needs. Our promise is that not only will you have the highest quality 100% USA-based transcription, but that we will work with you directly to make sure that your reports are fully customized to meet the unique workflow needs of your facility.

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Accessible and flexible

Users can access real time documents, voice, reporting, search and system management from any location, on a variety of devices. And as always, safety and security are assured, even through remote access.

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Custom Tailored Design and Functionality

Our staff will work with you to customize your SoftScript System, right down to the way documents are formatted, to meet your specific needs, and our hardware and software will be customized to look and function exactly the way you want.

  • Custom Integration: SoftScript’s system can be integrated with your HIM system for ADT, orders, and delivery of transcribed reports
  • Customized Formatting: SoftScript works with each facility to develop a facility-specific format for their tools and reports.
  • Customized Templates: We will customize our templates to your requirements and standards and make them look exactly like your current documents.
  • Customizable Access: Easy, customizable access for HIM department, physicians and other hospital staff. User and role based permissions control access to various parts and features of the system.
  • Customized Electronic Signature System: An electronic signature system designed to match your unique workflow. Features include signing by proxy, dual signature for teaching institutions, physician defined macros, and attestation statements.
  • Customized Bar Code Integration: Our transcribed document can have any desired information (such as patient name, physician ID, etc.) presented in any barcode standard used by your existing system. The dictating physician can simply scan the barcode on the chart during the dictation to guarantee accuracy of the patient demographic information.

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Quality Control

Quality control is paramount to our business and an integral part of the transcription services we offer. SoftScript utilizes a number of system enhancements as well as supervisory reviews to ensure consistent quality output. SoftScript is constantly working to ensure that your system is up to date with the latest technology and the latest industry trends. System enhancements include:

  • Multi-level QA
  • Use of electronic pharmaceutical reference
  • Use of electronic spell checker and dictionaries to ensure correct terminology for all 15 of the published specialties

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Rigorous Testing Protocol

All SoftScript medical transcriptionists are required to successfully complete testing in the following areas:

  • Medical terminology
  • Latest pharmaceutical, surgery, and instrument terminology
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology

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Security and Privacy

Security is such a critical issue that we’ve worked hard to make it a non-issue for you. Traditionally, security concerns arise when patient identifiable information is sent outside the hospital during the transcription process. SoftScript's Envision 3000 effectively addresses this concern, using a 128 bit SSL encryption for all transmissions. At the user’s request, SoftScript can utilize and install a number of additional encryption protocols at your facility, including Virtual Private Networking.


SoftScript also takes patient privacy very seriously. Although we are considered a business associate under HIPAA, we act as if we are a covered entity. All of our transcriptionists are trained in patient privacy upon employment with our company and on an ongoing basis thereafter. In addition, SoftScript has implemented formal policies and procedures to ensure compliance with the HIPAA Privacy Standards.

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Redundancy & Backup

Backed up, then backed up again. The Envision 3000 system is fully backed up and redundant, employing the latest technology. SoftScript's servers have dual power supplies, mirrored hard drives, and uninterruptible power supplies. The voice and document files are backed up and can be retrieved as needed. All transaction and statistical data is stored in the highly secure SQL Server database with controlled access, and all files are stored on the hard drives with a NTFS file system that maintains consistency in the event of system failure.

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24/7 Support

Expert 100% USA-Based Support is always available to you, on the phone or in person. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we have people standing by who can answer your questions, provide STAT dictations, tech support or any other support you need; don’t hesitate to call.

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Envision 3000 System

Envision 3000 is our proprietary dictation and document management system. It is a state-of-the-art derivative of the SoftScript family of custom servers, software, and hardware. A result of generations of experience, Envision 3000 allows SoftScript to provide customized technology and exclusive services to our customers.


Envision 3000 can be easily located within your facility and connected to your current internal phone and HIM systems. SoftScript can easily customize the system to your precise needs. The system is remarkably easy to use and can be configured to emulate your current flow of dictation and voice prompts, creating a seamless transition for your medical staff.

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Intuitive User Interface

Intuitive and designed around actual user behavior, the Envision 3000's simple and secure user interface requires little training and is available to anyone on your internal network with appropriate access rights. It’s easy to add and modify users, monitor statistics, access files, sign off on the reviewed documents, and even listen to the dictations right on your computer. Your operators or MIS department can easily add and remove users from the system, or SoftScript can do it for you remotely.

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Automatic Document Routing & Delivery

One click and your documents are there, wherever you are. The Envision 3000 Document Routing and Delivery system will automatically deliver transcribed reports to a variety of destinations such as dedicated printers, fax, e-mail, any custom version of HL7, CDA, FTP, dialup, local or network folders, any type of custom interface, fax on demand, or any combination thereof. Reports can be filtered and routed based on any number of parameters including but not limited to physician IDs, work types, departments, and facilities or clinics in a multi-facility configuration.

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Customized Voice Capture

SoftScript supports and integrates easily with a wide variety of dictation devices: standard telephones, specialized dictation stations, VOIP, wireless devices, Bluetooth devices, PDAs, smart phones and PC-based dictation.

  • PDA/Smart Phone applications: SoftScript offers customizable dictation applications for variety of PDAs and Smart Phones such as Blackberry, iPhone and Windows mobile devices. Applications offer real-time integration with patient schedules and census. Physicians can select a patient, work type, and visit from a list. Dictate, rewind, fast forward and transfer dictations automatically and securely when complete.
  • EHR Integration: SoftScript PC VoiceRecorder can record a voice file specific to a section of the patient record. Text results are then inserted into the appropriate patient record section via dictation markers.
  • PACS Integration: SoftScript PC VoiceRecorder software integrates with wide variety of PACS systems. This integration allows the physician to dictate using an attached microphone without having to enter any patient information. Through PACS integration, radiologists can view the image on a PC monitor and dictate using a microphone attached to the PACS workstation. No manual entry of patient information is required.
From our medical transcription services to our unmatched technical and customer support, SoftScript is proud to be 100% based and operated in the United States.
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